The Best Conversation at CFF Boot Camp

So far this week, I have had many conversations with many people. I have learned about widgets in wikis, saw model lessons by teachers from throughout the state, demonstrated how cell phones can be great educational tools, and talked about some of the disadvantages of Web 2.0. But the best conversation I had involved someone who had nothing to do with CFF.

We stayed in the Holiday Inn New Cumberland, which is near the Army Base in New Cumberland. As it was, there was a group of Canadian Mounties staying in our hotel as well as many people involved in the Armed Forces that needed a place to stay nearby. One of these gentlemen (a "Buck Sergeant") had been talking with various coaches throughout the week. Last night, he happened to meet up with myself and a group of my colleagues. He ended up engaging us in the best conversation I had while here at Boot Camp (not that the other one's weren't that good).

First off, this gentleman had a true interest in learning, and you could tell with the questions he was asking. He was asking questions that required deep thought, extended answers, and no easy way out. If our answers veered away from the question for just a little bit, he would redirect us to get us back on task. Maybe he should moderate the presidential debates? But one reason he was so interested in our profession was the fact that when he was done with the Armed Forces, he wants to become a teacher.

I wish I could remember his name. I wish I could remember some of the questions he asked. I wish he would come teach at our school when he gets out of the Armed Forces. As it is, between having days that are over 13 hours long and all of the conversations I've had and things I've learned, some of the more important things I want to remember have been lost. I wish our days were longer with chances at having more collaboration. And I really wish I had an audio recorder with me for my conversation last night.

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