The Hardest Decision, Take 3

Just had a meeting with our principal, and is still hoping that I will continue as our CFF Coach next year, even though it is only part time. He had a sketch of how it would lay our for the math department, and also had spoken to those that would be effected, in case I were to change my mind.

So, I came back and sent out an email seeking advice from my colleagues. And suddenly, one question came up that stopped me in my tracks: what are my short term and long term professional goals? I know some short term goals. I can keep them no matter what happens next year. I'll still be in the classroom either way. But I have goals that I am still trying to achieve through our CFF grant that I wouldn't be able to see through to completion if I were not in this position. And what are my long-term goals? If this position does become full time in another year, I wouldn't be in the position to be a full-time technology coach if I were to step out of this position. What if I end up wanting to go into administration (here or elsewhere)? How would me stepping down look if I were to seek that out?

Also, I'm worried about the students in my classes. There will be days where I won't be there to assist them in learning math, same as this year and last year. Yet, these students have still excelled in many ways, and they feel much more confident in ways of learning math. But if I step down and the district has to find someone new, what effect will it have on our whole staff? And how will that effect EVERY student here at A-C?

I hope that I can get some good advice from those around me. I'm glad I've already gotten some feedback, as I am now seeing things in ways I hadn't thought about before.

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