Stuck in Charlotte

I got to the Atlanta airport this morning, only to be told that they did not have my seat on my flight. Yippee!! From there, things just got better.

First, they were able to get on me a flight out of Atlanta at 1:35. I was originally supposed to arrive in Harrisburg at 12:51. As you can see, it was a great start to a day. Anyway, they got me on the 1:35 flight, but they were not able to get me on a flight out of Charlotte. They just told me to arrive at the gate and get on the standby list, so I did that. Well, first, they tell me that the 5:20 flight (the one I was going to be on standby for) has been postponed until 7:20. Ok. So I go get some dinner and meet a few other people waiting for a Harrisburg flight as well. I find out that the 5:20 flight basically wiped out the 7:20 flight. How does that make sense?

So think about this. They take a full flight, cancel it, and then move a full flight into its spot. Does this make sense? Anyway, they board the flight and get to standby. I am the second-to-last person called for standby. Awesome! I'm going home! I call my parents to let them know. I get on the plane...and they're out of room. There are three of us that get shuttled back off the plane. Yay. I am so happy. Call the parents back and tell them I didn't get on the plane. I get back off. The ladies at the gate tell me I need to go to gate B2 (I was at gate E26, which was moved from E16, which was moved from E19). They didn't say anything about having to get back on the standby list. I thought I already was! Anyway, as I am walking toward B2, the one family I was talking with said I should check that I am on the list, so I did. Whattaya know? I had to be re-added to the list!

Then I get to gate B2. First, the guys at the gate know that there is a huge list to get on the flight, and I feel bad for them to have to take the brunt of the attack. But the one dude makes the following announcement: "We know you have questions about the flight to Harrisburg. It is currently overbooked by 30 guests. We are also waiting for the plane to come in from Houston. It was originally expected to arrive here in Charlotte at 9:48. It has yet to leave Houston."

I don't think I will be getting home today.

We have also been told that there are no openings on flights tomorrow at all, so we will have to wait until SATURDAY until they can get us a flight. I didn't know this was going to be a week-long trip.

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